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My brand "Promise Mi'Amor" (promise my love) was inspired by a situation where I was teased about my hair. Instead of allowing the situation to define me or discourage me, I used it as motivation. Motivation to motivate and inspire others like me to live their lives as they desire. We're going to live in our truths and not conform.

never imagined my small video that I made to encourage myself and to remind myself that I'm amazing just as I am would bring as much encouragement as it did. It's been overwhelming at times but I'm grateful.  I'm grateful that I can encourage others through inspiration. I'm glad that my small gesture of spreading love has brought you over to my website. I hope to continue to inspire others to live in their truth, be confident and comfortable with who they are.

Don't allow what others say to you define you or control you day. "Don't give them that much power!!"

I love and appreciate you all. Dreams really do come true.

"Bigger and Better"

-Promise Mi'Amor

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  • My Hair, Their Stares, Who Cares?
    My Hair, Their Stares, Who Cares?
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